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An Introduction to Super Fine Junk

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My name is Young Park (or @Youngsterpark on Twitter), and I’m the co-founder of Super Fine Junk. As I’m relatively new to the crypto and NFT space, I wanted to take some time to introduce myself and…

My name is Young Park (or @Youngsterpark on Twitter), and I’m the co-founder of Super Fine Junk. As I’m relatively new to the crypto and NFT space, I wanted to take some time to introduce myself and share my story of how I got caught up in web3.0 and blockchain and NFTs. I’ll also discuss my thoughts about disrupting IP ownership and redefining how the next generation of dominant media franchises and IPs will be born.

First off, I am a producer and show creator who owns a creative production company and animation + toy studio based in Seoul and Los Angeles. My work is all about creating awesome projects and original IP in the media & entertainment industry. This took me on some amazing experiences, like collaborating with global candy brand Chupa Chups for our original toys , as well as co-producing an animated series with a major entertainment company like Wildbrain.

Mostly, I love experimenting with new ways to build communities and grow fanbases for our studio’s projects. For example, for my recent animation show, my team organized voiceover auditions on TikTok, which received over 1.1 million views. This is something completely new and a strategy that other studios would never do. But I felt this strategy could be a powerful way to directly engage with our potential fanbase and have them be a part of the community early on. And it was a success as we were able to cast amazing voice actors (and fans) for our pilot episode!

My curiosity for exploring new ways to develop fan-centric character brands and projects inevitably led me to NFTs. Until recently, words like NFTs, crypto, and blockchain flew past my head. But luckily, I stumbled across a Discord group for a popular NFT collectibles project. I was blown away by the community’s passion, excitement, and dedication to being holders of that NFT and everything it represents.

In addition to the spirited community, I was just as amazed by the underlying technology of NFTs. Most people think of an NFT as just an image that people use for their PFP, or profile pictures. But NFTs go WAY beyond that. The value of NFTs is that it provides authentic digital ownership to its holder. Simply put, being able to digitally prove ownership of that NFT means that the holder becomes a stakeholder of that project and they’re rewarded in various ways, like being granted exclusive access to web 3.0 social clubs and other digital (or even IRL) experiences. The more successful a brand, the bigger rewards for the community. And believe me, a dedicated community will do whatever it takes to boost a brand and take them TO THE MOON!

Who knows what NFT projects will look like in the next 2 or 5 years, but I strongly believe that the next dominant character IP will be born as an NFT project. That’s why I pivoted my studios’ business model and growth strategy to fully focus on blockchain technology and NFTs for all our upcoming projects. This includes a generative mixtape album for an NFT rhythm game, and a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ animated series with an NFT reward system, among other exciting blockchain projects in the work.

My aim is to decentralize IP ownership and disrupt how the next dominant media franchises will be built by utilizing both the technology of NFTs and the powerful way it brings a community together. (Without the fans and community, a brand wouldn’t exist in the first place!) To accomplish this, my team is working to build Super Fine Meta, our version of the ‘metaverse’ which will be a meta-story network that develops scalable transmedia IP and interconnected story-worlds across multiple platforms and verticals in media. We will utilize this network to create community-driven transmedia NFT brands & IPs with a system in place to reward our active fandoms & community members by recognizing them as stakeholders who will receive rewards and dividends for each project, much like public companies and their investors. Again, who knows what the future may hold, but I’m betting this is how the next dominant IP of our generation will be built, and they will far surpass Hello Kitty or Mickey Mouse in this new era of Web 3.0, NFTs, and the metaverse.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (@Youngsterpark), or you can also check our projects below: