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Divine Creatures presents first-in-history Initial NFT Offering

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Divine Creatures presents first-in-history Initial NFT Offering

TL DR; Divine Creatures DAO is introducing a new type of launch mechanism — Initial NFT Offering. This is the fairest launch yet. Over 500 uniquely created NFTs are sold at an auction. Each NFT…

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.

INO — Initial NFT Offering, a new way to launch tokens.

TL DR; Divine Creatures DAO is introducing a new type of launch mechanism — Initial NFT Offering. This is the fairest launch yet. Over 500 uniquely created NFTs are sold at an auction. Each NFT carries a token allocation size. Lowest NFT Tier bidding starts at 250 FTM and carries allocation of 500 FTM. All NFTs enter an automatic lottery, where prizes range from increased allocation size to airdrop of the allocation. Please note to be eligible for the pre-sale and lottery you cannot sell the NFT nor buy it from a reseller. Sales of NFTs and old NFT holders will be rewarded with airdrops and potential future staking boosts. Stay tuned ;)

Cryptocurrency market has been growing and innovating at unprecedented pace and scale. Over $3.3 trillion dollar of total value was created in a span of a decade. Inventors and innovators have been materialising their ideas by launching more tokens, consensus protocols and decentralised autonomous organisations. With over 2,000 tokens launched in the last 5 years, only 2 mechanisms of token launches have been created. Divine Creatures DAO is proud to be the creator of a truly novel launch mechanism — Initial NFT Offering. Very simple rules — to be eligible for a token pre-sale one must be a holder of an NFT. Before we dissect the INO rules and mechanics let’s recap what had happened in the past.

How do tokens get launched?

To dive into the mechanics of launches, one must pay respects to their elders — ICOs. According to Investopedia, ‘An initial coin offering (ICO) is the cryptocurrency industry’s equivalent to an initial public offering (IPO). A company looking to raise money to create a new coin, app, or service launches an ICO as a way to raise funds.’ Effectively it means that either company or DAO would offer token pre-sale in a public or private form directly or indirectly via a third party re-sale. No one can deny the unprecedented scale with which this model has attracted capital from 2016 up to 2018, where things started to decline.

Total amount raised by quarter 2016–2018 on Initial Coin Offerings.

Although bear market bears some of the responsibility for the decline, ICOs have also been slowly phased out by a novel launch mechanism — Initial Decentralised Offering — a new type of exciting decentralised permissionless crowdfunding platform

What about Initial Decentralised Offering?

The biggest difference between IDO and ICO is the minimal participation requirement from the investor. IDO requires holding of the launchpad platform token. By crowdfunding with IDOs, entrepreneurs can release a blockchain product that goes beyond malicious third-party influencers, while eliminating any issues regarding hackers and human error. Not only that, but token buyers and holders’ coins are instantly secured on their wallet and private keys. This innovation eliminated notable weaknesses of ICOs including third-party discrimination, vulnerability to theft and human error and a lack of privacy.

This model has attracted more investors owing to better alignment with ethos and core values of blockchain community — decentralised ownership and hence decentralised equity of opportunity to participate. Select launchpad projects showed tremendous success. However, there is large variability across chains in part due to early state of blockchain projects.

Performance of select few launchpads 2020–2021. Blue bar represents number of projects that performed their IDO on the launchpad. Orange represents total amount raised during IDO sales. Top 5 ERC-20 launchpads were selected — BSCPad, Red Kite, Polkastarter, DAO Maker, and TrustSwap. Avalaunch is on AVX and FTM Pad is on Fantom Opera.

Despite hundreds of new tokens being registered every year, we haven’t seen much innovation beyond IDO. What both launch models clearly missed is the inclusion of NFT sales. Minting of new NFTs collections is a behemoth that reverberated its footprint all throughout this cycle.

Sales of NFT collections on OpenSea and other platforms. Orange line represents cumulative $ raised during primary sale. Blue line represents cumulative number of NFT collections sold.

However, no one has tried to pair decentralised launches with NFT ownership… until now.

Divine Creatures is proud to take the next innovative step in token launching dynamics. We are presenting Initial NFT Offering — fairest launch yet. The idea is quite simple — one buys NFT that is part of a unique collection from an auction at fair market price (because it’s an auction) and receives an allocation of the token pre-sale. We are creating several Tiers of NFTs such that any interested investor can find a suitable for them price range and hence allocation size.

We do not stop there. As our token is the first token that is going to be launched with such dynamics, we are rewarding the participating community via the lottery mechanism, where allocation sizes either increase or get airdropped.

What is Initial NFT Offering?

Community is everything. In less than a week, we generated a following of over 3,000 discord members. We want to reward our active community by revealing details about the INO. Stealth launches get bought up by bots and insiders causing dumping reverberations as large supply holders arrive early on. This is why we are introducing Initial NFT Offering, fairest token launch yet.

We created a collection consisting of more than 500 NFTs of deities from disparate mythologies for our community. However, there is a gift paired with each NFT and this gift is a purchasable pre-sale allocation of EGIS. Each NFT is also drawn into an automatic lottery, winner of whom get either increased allocation or airdrop of the allocation. Through INO, we prevent botting, insiders, and people who are later than the first couple hundred users can still participate. This mechanics also allows interested investors decide for themselves how much they want in the presale. INO truly epitomizes a divine gift from the Gods.

INO is the superior launch mechanism that carries additional benefits and avoids FCFS.

What are the details in the DC DAO Initial NFT Offering?

Our NFTs are divided into three tiers, that way each community member who would like to participate in the pre-sale will be able to find what suits them.

God Tier NFT is the most expensive NFT but it is also rarest and it has highest $EGIS allocation. Demigod Tier will be the least expensive option at the start but will have a proportionally smaller allocation.

Additionally, we will take some of the Demigod Tier NFTs and will let the OG members of the community buy them at a fixed price rather than bid for it in the auction.

What is one of the most exciting parts of this process is the random intratier lottery, where 80% of NFTs within each Tier are winners. The winners are also divided into three categories — Gold (10% of NFTs), Silver (20%) and Bronze (50%) with Wood being the remainder of NFTs (20%). The prizes and numbers are summarised below. Please note to be eligible for the pre-sale and lottery you cannot sell the NFT nor buy it from a reseller.

NFT Lottery details

What does this mean? This means that if you buy God Tier NFT and it wins a Gold Prize, you will get your FTM 5,000 allocation of EGIS for free and you had to spend FTM only on the NFT. However, if it wins Silver prize, the allocation of FTM 5,000 grows by 50% and becomes FTM 7,500, and you have to supply us with FTM 7,500 but you will also receive 50% more EGIS. But you don’t have to do it. If you have an allocation there is no minimum amount of FTM you have to send. On launch Silver God Tier will receive ~0.5% of total supply. You can refer for more details of tokenomics in our docs (coming soon). Silver God tier is the highest possible allocation size in the INO but Gold God tier has the highest ROI.

But the rewards do not stop here, as Divine Creatures is aiming to be launching on several chains and each launch will be accompanied with new sales of NFTs and old NFT holders will be rewarded with airdrops and potential future staking boosts. Stay tuned ;)

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