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How I Make $600+ Per Day and Plan to Make More.

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How I Make $600+ Per Day and Plan to Make More.

The year is 2013 and I am 26 years old living in Austin, TX. I go to community college while working full time at Costco making $11.50 per hour. I sometimes deliver pizzas for Papa Johns. I am…

The year is 2013 and I am 26 years old living in Austin, TX. I go to community college while working full time at Costco making $11.50 per hour. I sometimes deliver pizzas for Papa Johns. I am content as I rent a shotgun house on the lake a mile from downtown for $500 (my half, and yes Austin was cheap once).

At this point my whole idea in life was that if I could make $20/hour my life would be set forever. I was set on it. I had no delusions of being some land baron; I had tried to buy a house in Austin but had no down payment. That home purchase would have been about a $500,000 profit over the last 8 years. Yet another way economic inequality grows. But I digress.

Fast forward 8 years from me pushing carts in that parking lot and life is very different. New city, new lover, new job, new education, new job, new friends, new mindset. That mindset is about maximizing income and pushing it from things I have to do to passive and/or things I want to do.

I am focused on going from sweat equity to passive income. But it isn’t an overnight thing. Learn more about how I do it, my plan going forward, and how you can join me on this journey today.

Here is how I currently make $600+/day:

  • Day job: $246
  • Drip: $170
  • OHM forks: $90
  • Side hustle: $143

This of course does not count market swings up and down for my other crypto, stocks, or real estate. However, these are the things I focus on keeping growing or, in the case of my day job, shrinking. Here is how each works:

Day Job

As I said above this is the stream of income I want to move away from. It is the least flexible, the most time consuming, and the most cognitively draining. However, it is also steady and has provided the base for me to move into crypto and real estate and to take a chance to achieve income streams from unestablished DeFi projects. In the case of an economic downturn, it is also security. I am a permanent government employee making 90k. Still, I plan to leave in 2.5 years once I reach federal return rights so I can come back for 5 years before retirement to get health benefits until I die.

After I left Costco I transferred to UC Berkeley and began my journey to real money. Out of school I was at 47k but over 3 years worked my way up. This is the single biggest step to take in order to begin creating more income; having it. Real catch 22. But effort is like compound interest, it may seem like there is nothing happening at first, but with each day of furthering your steady income and finding ways to cut cost and dollar cost averaging on investments, you can get there.


Speaking of compound interest, one that has been magic for my income stream is Drip. It pays 1% per day that can either be compounded or claimed. I started with $800 and 128 Drip in July. I am now at $21,000 and 534 Drip. This is part compounding, part referral rewards. I know the referral rewards part makes people think scam, but it isn’t necessary to profit. I have 5 friends I got into this who have not referred a single person and they just compound/claim. They are already in profit! They may not be making several thousand like myself but they can pay for a few creature comforts every.single.month. Or they can compound!

As a disclaimer this stream can vary wildly. it is crypto and it is a very small crypto. The price of the token from which I draw 1%/day is up over 600% since I bought. So in ratio to today’s token price, my original amount should be closer to 5k to demonstrate. Over 5 months I did a 25x on my dollar value but a 6x on my number of tokens. Hope that helps!

Either way, I am crushing it with Drip. If you would like to as well there is a link down below and you can read more about it in earlier articles on my profile!

OHM Forks

I was early to Wonderland $Time and have benefitted greatly from it. I also got into Jade Protocol at a reasonable price. Both of these have insane compounding which I won’t even attempt to go into. They are being called DeFi 2.0. As I am going to talk about below, I am all about the “yes” in life. To me, these may fall flat, shoot, they probably will! However, nobody gets rich by saying no. A tempered “yes” is where I live at. You could be putting money into the next Hex and it could buy you a brand new kitchen and bathroom like my $150 DeFi 1.0 investment did.

But to summarize, the prices on these and their interest rates fluctuate rapidly and wildly. I am making $90 today, it could be $30 tomorrow or it could be $150.

Side Hustle

So I also have a must from any YouTube F.I.R.E. advice giver, a side hustle. I started mine in 2018 when I moved to NYC from Berkeley for my government job. I found it by doing a form of in-home behavioral therapy (I am not a therapist). I found this through a contractor and I created a company to sub-contract with them. Right now this brings me about 1k per week but is not passive, it just pays incredibly well on an hourly basis and is highly flexible.

I did not get this side hustle because I went to school for it. I needed an opportunity so I looked for how I could fit into what people around me were doing. What kind of needs they had. More importantly, I asked them directly. Then I took action to acquire the credentials and training needed. Had this required me to return to school for a year or longer, I would not have pursued it. I found the up front cost of time and money on training to be worth the eventual payoff and fucking bingo (or yahtzee, if that’s your thing)!

Start at Yes

People live a life of “no”. They self-imprison. To me, this is the biggest barrier to finding the next big thing, to making the ask, to being ahead of the herd. When I travel I see it with the people I’m with regarding what we can and can’t do, etc. They allows their preconceived notions rule them and therefore the possibilities of their lives. I’ve found if you go ask someone, you are surprised by the answers more often than not. This is about travel but is representative of the way people live their lives.

I start from the assumption that anything is possible for myself and others, then make it be proved wrong. It is a big part of the reason I was able to go from someone growing up in public housing and living on the streets as a young adult, to where I am now. I hit rock bottom and decided to see the yes in everything. What did I have to lose? Now that I have much to lose I may no longer say yes to hitchhiking across state lines to gamble $125 to try and afford a ticket to a major event, but I still have my ways. And the compound interest from me exploring each idea and indulging in those I found to be good, has paid dividends over 12 years since I got off the streets at 22.

Life doesn’t wait, I promise. So start your own journey today. You will find failure brings education and success brings money and confidence. You win either way.

How I Plan to Grow

Aside from always being on the lookout for crypto opportunities, I am branching out into the YouTube space. It is a way of expanding my reach and building a community. I am launching a project on there, step-by-step, video-by-video.

It is not easy. As of writing I have 18 subscribers. It is embarrassing to share with friends and family and strangers on the internet. But I see the “yes” in what I am trying to do. I will plug away and plug away and very few will see what I am trying to do. But as those few start growing into a larger number, then the channel and project will yield a larger number, which will repeat the process. I see it as a high effort/high reward compound interest venture. I plan to have a kick-ass time doing it, too! Only 2 videos in I feel a ton more comfortable speaking. I am now excited about creating more and I’m definitely excited about what we can build on there! And if it all falls flat, I will have learned a ton!

Ready to say yes? Join me on YouTube (below) and, for once, be VC early to a project. It could fail or it could be the next big thing, you won’t know if you don’t say yes and you certainly won’t change your life by saying no.

Be the person Rick Ross would be proud of.

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Youtube link: https://youtu.be/VCpUPSYpff8

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