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Internal AMA With BullPerks Founders

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Internal AMA With BullPerks Founders

BullPerks has recently held an internal AMA session with founders, Eran Elhanani and Constantin Kogan. They shared a lot of incredible updates and answered the community’s questions, some of which…

BullPerks has recently held an internal AMA session with founders, Eran Elhanani and Constantin Kogan. They shared a lot of incredible updates and answered the community’s questions, some of which you can find in this article. In case you missed the live session, here is the BullPerks AMA recap!

BullPerks Admin: Hello everyone and welcome to the BullPerks internal AMA. We’re happy to introduce our Co-Founders, Eran Elhanani and Constantin Kogan, who are here to give exciting updates and answer your questions later.

Eran Elhanani: Hi Everyone. Welcome to our AMA, it’s been a bit since the last one. Sorry about it, but it’s been a crazy last week. We actually have been to Miami Crypto Week!

Constantin Kogan: Hi Everyone, good to be back here and connect with our community!

Eran Elhanani: As you might have seen, we’ve been making a lot of progress with GamesPad. Lots of top-tier funds have joined us, strong partnerships with big development houses in Asia and other parts of the world, partnerships with Guilds, top gaming projects, and much more.

I know there has been a lot of concerns in many BullPerks holders that GamesPad will push BullPerks aside and all good games will go to GamesPad. So, I wanted to address that before we go further to discuss what’s coming for BullPerks.

However, RedKite and GameFi were also started by the same founder. But GameFi not only didn’t hurt RedKite but, on the contrary, made it stronger and both are launching great projects.

The same will be with GamesPad and BullPerks. We are already becoming stronger and getting more attention and projects and investors/funds that didn’t consider BullPerks previously are now coming to us and offering us to launch their projects. Just in the last 24 hours, more than 7–8 gaming projects have contacted us. We will rotate between launchpads and Decentralized VC deals. GamesPad will enhance and improve the deal flow and quality of projects we get for BullPerks as well! So win-win!

In regards to the price action, you might have noticed that we have some selling pressure which made us end staking and farming pools and open a new one. It allows people to leave with no penalty and cash out. staking/farming rewards. Most of them have already staked in a new pool or locked in the locker ready for tomorrow’s deal with Voice Street, a very interesting project combining art, music, and gaming.

Those who cashed out and left we wish all the best, they made nice gains, and hopefully, we contributed to the improvement of their life and financial situation. This makes it potentially easier for others to participate in upcoming deals. Once everyone locks their tokens, we expect a continuous healthy price growth especially with the caliber of projects we have in the pipeline — Void, Rainmaker, Xmanna, GamesPad (IDO projects). As well as many top VC deals.

We are almost ready to launch our new user interface and totally new website design! Our designers and tech guys have been working on it for a while. We hope you will like it! It’s just around the corner! With many features you’ve been asking for.

Constantin Kogan: Our plan is to improve the product and grow exponentially. Only last week, we hired 5 new team members. If you’re a solidity developer or know anyone who is interested to work with one of the leading decentralized VC and launchpad in the space, please contact us via our website: https://bullperks.com/join-team/ or simply write to [email protected]

Eran Elhanani: We have a lot of other news coming which we still can’t disclose but things are looking very positive to both BullPerks and GamesPad. All new influencers and partnerships are committed to enhancing BullPerks in their videos.

Crypto Ron1 (Community Member): I fully support BullPerks and GamesPad and would like to know why we did not get a VC with GamesPad? BullPerks was always promoted as a VC and IDO platform.

Eran Elhanani — [In reply to Crypto Ron1]: Raise was very minimal and we were more than 10 times oversubscribed so had to make tough decisions.

Famu (Community member): When is the launch of GamesPad scheduled?

Eran Elhanani — [In reply to Famu]: No set date yet, we’re waiting on some confirmation and dates from 3rd party and will announce once we have it.

Constantin Kogan: Thank you so much!