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Sidus NFT Heroes, a review by DPAD

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Sidus NFT Heroes, a review by DPAD

Committing to the craze of NFTs and Metaverse in gaming, is this new project with the name Sidus NFT Heroes. Let’s delve deeper and find out what lies inside it’s galaxy! 1. 6,000 NFTs of the…

Committing to the craze of NFTs and Metaverse in gaming, is this new project with the name Sidus NFT Heroes. Let’s delve deeper and find out what lies inside it’s galaxy!

Key points of the IGO

1. 6,000 NFTs of the Founding Fathers of Sidus Galaxy already trading on Opensea.
2. Game Demo available
3. Hyped with the launch of trailers and in-game items.
4. Boasting of biggest collaborations in the NFT space.

Let’s break down the project in 9 parameters of our Hypemeter and analyze the overall potential.


The website focuses mainly on the NFT collection in the Metaverse of Sidus Galaxy. SIDUS: The city of NFT Heroes is basically a game, specifically it’s a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) just like the old World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Runescape, etc. The new thing proposed here is that the in-game items like armors, weapons and most importantly game characters will be NFTs. The project puts itself on a position where it expects the interested gamers will first buy their NFTs, then play this game. Thus, it’s clear that for them, the target audience are those gamers who already are crypto users. And according to me, there are very few people who qualify to be an MMORPG gamer and a crypto hodler. Due to the economics architecture of the project, the entry barrier is too big for the gamers of traditional MMORPG games to shift to this game. But I believe that the work’s done by this project will be the building blocks for the Metaverse ecosystem.


The website quality is undoubtedly of a very superior quality. Not only it has just the display of information, but there are interactive elements too, that can hold the visitors for a while. The team definitely has a good team of web developers and designers. Even they have provided the Game Demo on the website itself, which can be played in the browser. On the website you can interact with certain links like Buy and Claim NFTs of the Sidus Heroes, upgrade card, lifetime upgrade status of Heroes, stake and unstake NFT, harvest coins, etc. They have missed to show the partners and associates on the website. Token details are also missing from the page, except that you can get them in the Whitepaper.
Website Link- SIDUS HEROES

Source- https://sidusheroes.com/
Source- https://sidusheroes.com/heroes/
Source- https://play.sidusheroes.com/


After observing the planning of the project, timelines of the deliveries, and quality of everything that’s present as project’s resources, we can conclude that the project is lead professionally. The team managers and members are well professional and they know their work. The core team seems experienced in launching crypto fundraise, as all the collaterals available tend towards targeting crypto users properly.

Token Feasibility

Being a P2E game implies that it should have it’s own token by default. Therefore this project has to own native token by the virtue of it’s design. The problem with such economics design today is that they tend to solve a problem that doesn’t exist, or at least the project developers are not able to catch those problems. People with experience in crypto for a couple of years become excited by seeing at the new opportunities in the hottest topics, and tend to build tokens around imaginable topics.

Market Fit

I feel the project is partially close to market fit as the concept is a traditional game type, but since the entry barrier is so tough due to the compulsion of owning NFT or crypto to enter the game, the market fit case is not solved yet. Also checking at roadmap for the next 3 years, there was no trace of plans to educate or onboard the existing MMORPG gamers.


The website claims that the project has the biggest collaboration in the NFT space, teams are highly professional from different domains like crypto, NFT, game development, etc. The team members seem professional in their individual domains. Individual social media links were not attached to the team member’s website section. It would have been better to explore the profiles of individual members.

Source- https://sidusheroes.com/team


Unlike the trend in IDO websites, the partners of this project haven’t been mentioned on the website. Even the partners haven’t been consolidated at any one place. To find the partners, one has to dive into Twitter posts history which is an extra pain in doing research.


The whitepaper is quite good in terms of design, content and planning. The team has put their concept in an effective way.


The project has attempted marketing by doing all the common processes as done by all the IDOs in this bull season. Gleam contests, meme contest, hackathons, partnership with multiple launchpads, onboarding VCs, etc. The presence has been spread well in the investors’ community due to the partnership with multiple launchpads. The shoutouts by other influencers mostly seem to be paid promos rather than genuine picks. I appreciate the Metathon, a hackathon thought specially for Metaverse software development.


This project seems stronger than most other projects in the IDO space today. The team is strong, professional and experienced in their respective fields. They can develop and deliver the product almost as described. The backers are well known like Alameda Research, DCI, BCA Investments, etc. But there is a high chance that the game shall face difficulty in adoption by gamers. If the project sustains for a couple of years, then some big game publisher can acquire this project. Looking at the hype, this can be a good short term investment. We need more action from the project to decide on it’s long term potential.

Any suggestions are welcome on this review.

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