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VOID Tokenomics: Unlocking The Value of Immersive Gaming

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VOID Tokenomics: Unlocking The Value of Immersive Gaming

Games are nearly as old as humanity itself, with a history spanning diverse forms, complexities, and cultural associations. A new phase of this journey began around the mid-20th century, though…

Games are nearly as old as humanity itself, with a history spanning diverse forms, complexities, and cultural associations. A new phase of this journey began around the mid-20th century, though, characterized by the emergence of technology-driven digital games. The gaming sector has grown exponentially ever since, reaching a market valuation of $300 billion in 2021. And now, we are witnessing another paradigm shift in gaming, surfing atop waves of DeFi innovations.

Emerging blockchain-based games are leveraging non-fungible tokens to facilitate unprecedented in-game economies and business models. Particularly in the wake of the global pandemic, Play-to-Earn (P2E) games have served well as an alternative livelihood for many. Notwithstanding, however, existing decentralized games are failing traditional gamers insofar as their demand for immersive experiences is concerned.

VOID, therefore, steps up to the occasion with an AAA-grade offering that features high-fidelity graphics, sound, and gameplay. Solana and Unreal Engine 5 facilitate the creation of this rich game-world. But as a whole, the ecosystem’s scope is broader than the immersive experience, transcending the limited maxim of playing to earn. Instead, through a seamless combination of entertainment, competition, and economic returns, VOID allows gamers to play and earn.

And to this end, the ecosystem’s native utility token, Voidcoin ($VOID), plays a crucial role. Gamers can buy weapons, armors, customizations, and other in-game items or assets using $VOID. Fees for participation, transaction, and settlement will also be payable in $VOID, for most parts. Moreover, to participate in reward sharing and governance, $VOID owners will have to stake their coins on the platform. So, against this backdrop, let’s discuss VOID’s tokenomics in some detail.

Tokenomics: Allocation & Vesting

Voidcoin’s total supply is 200 million, to be allocated for various purposes, in the following proportions:

  • Play & Earn (15%): 30,000,000 tokens will contribute to the game mechanics, enabling end-users to earn substantially playing VOID. Noteworthy here is the fact that this represents allocation to a single aspect, underlining the ecosystem’s community-oriented nature.
  • Seed Sale (13%): 27,000,000 tokens will be utilized for bootstrapping the initial funding for the project’s development, aiming to raise $1,300,000 at a per-token price of $0.050.
  • Staking Rewards (12.5%): 25,000,000 tokens will be distributed as staking rewards, thus returning to the users’ community indirectly and facilitating passive income.
  • Strategic Sale (11%): 22,000,000 tokens will be used for the second leg of fundraising to raise $1,540,000 at $0.070 per token.
  • Private Sale (11%): 22,000,000 tokens will comprise the supply for private sales to bootstrap $1,760,000 at $0.080 per token.
  • Team (10%): 2,000,000 tokens will serve to remunerate the team at Void Games, for their dedicated time, efforts, and contributions towards building the ecosystem.
  • Advisors (7%): 14,000,000 tokens will remunerate the deep expertise and support offered by the project’s advisors.
  • Treasury (5%): 1,000,000 tokens will remain in the ecosystem’s treasury, for meeting contingent costs.
  • CEX Liquidity & Market-Making (5%): 1,000,000 tokens will go towards infusing liquidity into various centralized crypto-exchanges.
  • Development & Marketing (4.5%): 9,000,000 tokens will be used for developing the ecosystem further and marketing for wider adoption.
  • IDO (3.5%): 7,000,000 tokens will come into circulation through the project’s IDO, fostering direct participation by retail and institutional investors alike.
  • DEX Liquidity (1.5%): 3,000,000 tokens will provide liquidity to various decentralized exchange protocols to ensure trades with minimal slippage.
  • Airdrops & Community Building (1%): 2,000,000 tokens will reward early adopters, going to them for free through phased airdrops.

In addition to the community-oriented allocation strategy, we are implementing a tiered vesting schedule to bolster investors’ confidence and accountability. While maintaining a 100% lock-in for DEX liquidity, the protocol will algorithmically release the P2E allocation over a period of forty-eight months. As for the staking rewards, the schedule is currently thirty-six months, subject to change through community voting and consensus.

Finally, let us conclude by announcing VOID’s upcoming IDO, from 11th December 2021. Offering $VOID tokens for $0.095 apiece, we intend to bootstrap $665,000 through this public sale, prior to launching our pre-game early next year. Considering that we are building a real, immersive game and not merely a bunch of collectibles, VOID’s prospect lies in long-term and sustainable growth. And therefore, early adoption could in fact be a viable means to substantial returns, even before the holistic in-game economy thrives.

To know more about the project, read our pitch deck and in-depth white paper. And for more details about the upcoming IDO, follow our announcements on Medium.

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