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White Whale — Keep the peg. Be the whale.

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White Whale — Keep the peg. Be the whale.

White Whale is all about arbitrage. For readers who are not familiar with the term arbitrage, the simplest and shortest explanation of so called ‘’pure’’ arbitrage we can give you is: Buy low, sell…


In order to give the Lunatic community the opportunity to buy the Whale token at a fair price, the public token sale will be done through a ‘’Bootswap’’. Through this mechanism (basically a Balancer LBP) the token price will start out high, but will be allowed to flow down into price discovery, giving participants a chance to buy the token at fair market value. 100million tokens will be available in this public sale.

What’s interesting is that none of the proceeds from this token sale will go to the team. Instead, all the funds will be migrated into TerraSwap and will serve as liquidity for the UST-WHALE pair. The LP tokens will be deposited in the warchest and be owned by the protocol. The Bootswap will start at 12 Dec 06:00 UTC and will last until 15 Dec 06:00 UTC.



Q4 2021 — Testnet, live arb testing and the Bootswap
Q1 2022 — Mainnet launch, Community IDO Events
Q3 2022 — V2; Expand Arb Vaults to addition assets
Q4 2022 — Cross-Chain arbitrage

More Information

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhiteWhaleTerra

Discord: https://discord.gg/whitewhale

Website: https://whitewhale.money/

Litepaper: https://www.whitewhale.money/Litepaper.pdf

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