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Why Supducks Stands Out Among the Waves of NFT Projects

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Why Supducks Stands Out Among the Waves of NFT Projects

Supducks is an NFT profile picture (PFP) project launched on July 16th, 2021. PFP projects are NFT projects built around randomly generated images designed as profile pictures, such as CryptoPunks or…

Supducks is an NFT profile picture (PFP) project launched on July 16th, 2021. PFP projects are NFT projects built around randomly generated images designed as profile pictures, such as CryptoPunks or Bored Ape Yacht Club. Currently one of the top NFT projects on Opensea, the largest NFT marketplace, by floor price, SupDucks has steadily been adding in new features since launch. One of its distinct features is the generation of $VOLT tokens through owning a SupDuck. In addition to the randomly-generated ducks, there are 10 chase ducks featuring fully unique artwork. Franky Nines is the artist at the head of the project and is very active in the community, posting on the community Discord and hosting streams on it.

  1. A SupDuck Grants Passive Income Through VOLT

For every day a person owns a single SupDuck, they gain 10 VOLT. VOLT’s current price is 45.4 cents (coinmarketcap), which amounts to $1657.1 per year (if it holds its current price). If one bought a SupDuck at the current floor price of 1 ETH, they would make back their investment via VOLT in less than two and a half years (assuming prices for VOLT and ETH don’t change). While there’s a debate about sweeping the floor vs obtaining rare ones, currency-generating NFTs like SupDucks incenitvise floor-sweeping, as 10 ducks generate 10 times the VOLT as one rare duck. The token also has utility beyond being tradeable. The current utility it has is for buying snacks to add a new visual effect to an owned KingFrog. Each frog can only eat one snack. Having these effects allow for extra utility, such as allowing access to future KingFrog-only drops. The number of snacks is limited to 11,600. VOLT can also be used in a different NFT project, Littles. Owners are able able to use VOLT to affect the Little’s appearance. There are additional plans for SupDucks that may involve VOLT as well.

2. KingFrogs Are Upgradeable

Many NFT projects have subsequent drops for owners of the original NFT. Bored Ape Yacht Club, for instance, dropped the Mutant Ape Yacht Club collection. 10,000 Mutant Apes were mintable for 3 ETH while Bored Ape owners were able mint a free Mutant for each owned Ape. SupDucks followed in their footsteps with 10,000 KingFrogs available to mint and 10,000 available free for SupDuck owners for each owned SupDuck. A limited number of snacks are currently purchasable with VOLT which give additional visual effects for the KingFrogs. Among other effects, feeding a KingFrog a snack will result in it transforming from a static image to a gif. PFP projects are traditionally designed as static images, as many places do not allow for an animated pfp. With Discord’s premium subscription allowing gif PFPs and its prevalence in the crypto space, the gif format may become more commonplace in the NFT ecosystem. Gitcoin’s comprehensive DAO report found that the top used DAO communication tools were Discord and Twitter. SupDucks has both a Discord server and Twitter account.

3. MegaToads Are the Rarest NFT Type in the SupDucks Ecosystem

KingFrogs can also be combined, if all three have eaten snacks, into a MegaToad. The current planned utility of a MegaToad is its ability to be licked by a SupDuck, which when licked causes the duck to become animated (as seen below). While the MegaToad floor is currently lower than the SupDuck floor, their relative rarity may push the floor above SupDucks’. There is a maximum of 1000 MegaToads compared to KingFrogs’ 8,400 unupgraded frogs and 8600 upgraded ones (after 3000 of them have been combined to create MegaToads) and the 10,000 SupDucks. Another part of their value comes from them being a VOLT sink. In addition to needing three upgraded KingFrogs to fuse, VOLT is needed for the fusion. The first MegaToad cost 1000 VOLT, with the price increasing by 9 with each mint until the final toad is minted at 10,000 VOLT. The rarity of MegaToads results in a greater demarcation of rarity, so that drops can be distrubuted to SupDuck owners, KingFrog owners (only for upgraded KingFrogs), or MegaToad owners.

This is the preview art, unfortunately not a gif

4. SupDucks has a Great Community

A solid community is a cornerstone for the continued success of an NFT project. One of the major utilities of owning particular NFTs is access to the community of others who own one from the same project. The main place for the community is their Discord server. The main hub for people to talk is #sup which is always active. One of the unique traditions is a “sup train” where users comment only “sup” in the chat, such as a recent one which ran from 12:38–12:44. Among the “sups” were gifs such as the one below. While it may sound odd for those outside of the community, it’s a time when users come together for one objective, silly as it may be. There are sub-communities within the sup-duck community, such as the “big smile” community of owners that have a SupDuck with the “big smile” trait that organizes their own fund. While the discord may look sparse for people just checking it out, there are a multitude of channels on the discord accessible only to those with a SupDucks NFT where holders chill.

5. Sup Ducks Intends to Build an Open Metaverse

FrankyNines has discussed plans on their metaverse, which they call “Boardwalk.” While the first mention of it brings up decorating your own “bungalow,” playing games, and social aspects, there has been little information dropped. They released the design for how playable Sup Ducks will look and have posted updates showing design sketches for the boardwalk. While this is still far from ready, its release will be a boon for the Sup Duck community.

From a recent update on the 2d model