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One of the greatest need of every man is empowerment. What empowerment does to an individual cannot be underestimated. It gives way for your potentials to be maximized. Depending on any, it could be…



One of the greatest need of every man is empowerment. What empowerment does to an individual cannot be underestimated. It gives way for your potentials to be maximized. Depending on any, it could be financial, mental, physical or other forms of empowerment. The fact is being empowered gives you an edge in life, pushes you into the world of possibilities and also opportunities.
Yura is the empowerment that would aid you financially, socially, otherwise to live a balanced life regarding work, yourself as an individual and others; family. It is no surprise that the mission statement of Yura.io is to simply empower the gradually increasing number of Freelancers in the workforce to a state of wealth and independency. This assuredly opens them up to the freedom expresses in freelancing.

Yura's Reality Medium

The future of jobs, workforce, marketplace is going to be spurred by an upgrade with a decentralized system of operation. Yura has a platform that carries out the intents of the contract/project called the Equalizer. On Yura Equalize, a togetherness in the workplace is observed between the clients and their preferred freelancer to be productive, achieve goals and receive gratification according to the milestones. Local or Crypto currency is the means for receiving payments not forgetting the inclusion of YURA (it's token). In bèta, that is live, the Equalizer has been signed, sealed, delivered and also test run. Yura.io has it's special way of carrying out/ doing the needful. The token was designed on the network, Polygon and the launch of the first Yura token ever is on the 27th October. The tokensale will last for 150 days with every day emission of stores tokens, trading YURA on the exchange platform, Quickswap at every period before, on and whilst the sale is over. Scheming by vestings is not allowed but a huge token Distribution. Decentralized exchange market will determine the price of Yura.


The rewards of the crypto market is presented to the large and blooming freelancing market. Yura token actually connects the community as one while potraying the following functions:
Distributing profits- make money as you finish projects
Disbursement- Receive your earnings in either currency or crypto form.

Tokenomics is the knowledge on the economics behind tokens. Crypto tokens have to be understood for Individuals to have a basic know how on it's operations, supply rate, profit, future, highs and lows, amongst others. Partaking in the token sale does not just give an individual voter's rights, it makes you among the top members of this community and benefit from it before it reaches its peak when it becomes most expensive. In addition to Yura Equalize, there is a Yura Connect that allows social networking, meeting new individual with less, same and even more potentials/results than they have. Healthy competition is thus built and ordeliness is maintained always, above all.


Yura.io has potentials to be maximized and power yet to be harnessed. Put your passion and craft in Yura.io and get adequately rewarded.


Website: http://www.yura.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/ek2sw9z_T3U5MjI8
Twitter: https://twitter.com/appyura
Medium: https://medium.com/@Yura.io
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrZpRpKd-5EJ3aSQXwn0apw


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