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Yura is decentralized to avoid third parties, political, favoritism and all related traits in it's system. A centralized platform gives the veto power to privileged individuals who enforce whatever…



Yura is decentralized to avoid third parties, political, favoritism and all related traits in it's system. A centralized platform gives the veto power to privileged individuals who enforce whatever they like or favours them and just like politics, the propaganda made to masses may just be for show after voting process is over. All these interrupt the honesty and productivity in the work environment. People are filled with distrust, uncertainties and confusion it is only normal that efficiency will be low or workdone equals zero.

Yura's Inception

This scenarios and experience from Individuals led to the creation of Yura by the friends who later became partners, Dennis Roelofsen and his co-founder Kees Martijn. They have known each other for donkey years from their hometown in Netherlands, Amersfoort. When Dennis clocked 21 years, he birthed his fist ever agency, which ended up as Momkai.com, then he went ahead to work as a client for exotic brands for example, Suitsupply. His next move was made to China as a consultant in creation and strategy for a period of 2 years to a top investor in the tech industry. The experience he gained from China brought him back to Amersfoort to assist technological companies boost their brands by creating his agency, Yura .
Roelofsen's friend Kees on the other hand had his time delegated to commercials and mangetarial positions. His keen knowledge through experience as an agent increased his vastness on startups enterprises, money/capital, and marketing/sales. Dennis and his co-partner, Kees are Yura's first and biggest fans which should be usual. Before the inception of Yura.io the knowledge of going into mutual collaborations with clients from a long distance was experimented in the year 2019. So, Yura scratched it's own itch.

Yura's Tokenomics Evaluation

Tokenomics is the study or understanding of the economics behind tokens. It is knowing the worth, risks, distribution, total supply, limitations etc of a precise crypto coin for public consumption as to if they invest or not.
Sales of token will commence 27th October; Yura token is backed up by Polygon, the network where it was created and performed uniquely as it has been.
The sales of token will go on for 150 days, and limited Yura tokens will be supplied in a daily emission. This everyday Yura token emission is due to a foundation of numbers on parabola to ensure a smooth format of emission. The tokens are to be traded via Quickswap prior to, on and even when the tokensale is over. Only a widespread release of Yura tokens is available not a scheme for vesting. The price of Yura token is set by the market mainly; decentralized exchange market. Ok this platform, there is also ample opportunities for ever investor in their types, sizes and pecularities.


The use of Yura token is to introduce a mouthwatering offer of crypto profits to the great, blooming market place. Since Yura is based on the network, Polygon, it ties the community in unity and allows the achievement of the common goal.

Useful Projects Links

Website: http://www.yura.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/ek2sw9z_T3U5MjI8
Twitter: https://twitter.com/appyura
Medium: https://medium.com/@Yura.io
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrZpRpKd-5EJ3aSQXwn0apw


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